Me? Thanks for asking.


I am a self-taught JavaScript web developer. I have been fortunate to have had challenging projects thus far that have pushed me to my limits, forcing me to rapidly upskill to meet business needs. I hope to continue this along with senior mentorship to take my game to the next level! The browser's runtime is my comfort zone and is where I feel strongest, yet I can definitely provide value on the back-end when needed.

If your product or service involves some or all of the following, I'd like to work together:

  • a dynamic, single-page web application
  • efficient, large scale state management
  • browser performance optimization
  • a Node.js microservice or application programming interface (API)
  • an application that involves front-end and/or back-end JavaScript or TypeScript

Together we can build great things! Contact me to talk.

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A bit about me:


  • ENFJ 😃
  • Self-taught developer, thanks to Udacity and all the beautiful people who share content, code and ideas. ❤️
  • Usually enjoy semi-remote work 🏡
  • Prefer test driven development 💯
  • Mac / Linux / Windows, in that order 😄