Notable Products

Fundpress project
Responsive Studio

I joined the Flamelink web app team to assist in squashing bugs, improving app performance and delivering features before coming out of beta and releasing billing to end-users. Flamelink is a Content Management System for Google Firebase.

Flamelink Responsive
Keno project
Keno lottery app
Global Logistics Internet

I played a core role on a small team where I assisted in making a lottery web app dynamic. I was responsibile for integrating the app with the backend and managing data and state. My most notable contributions include the complex boards with which users bet on games and the results feature where users view bet results for past games. The app was built in AngularJS and used WebSockets to communicate with a Java backend.

Keno GLI
Fundpress project
FundPress app

Kurtosys's core product, Kurtosys App - an enterprise content management system for financial services. While on the product team, who were responsible for building and maintaining the full-stack, I assisted with bug fixes, analytics integration and sprint features.

FundPress Kurtosys

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