Experienced JavaScript developer with proven record of successful projects, team collaboration and self-motivation. I am most comfortable in the browser's runtime although with three years' experience helping build Node.js APIs and services I can also contribute value on the back-end.


Software Engineer

Nov 2019 - current

Frontend team developing the pluggable widgets framework using TypeScript, React and MobX, parts of the Studio Pro user interface and the export logic using C#.

Contract JavaScript Software Developer and mentor

Aug 2018 - May 2019
Responsive Studio, Kurtosys Systems

Web developer contracted to Responsive Studio for development on Flamelink, a web app, Node.js API and JavaScript SDK to help users create and manage content using Google's Firebase services. Mentor to junior developers for one month "bootcamp" at Kurtosys Systems. The curriculum included a fork of The JS Assessment, a CLI game using ES6 classes, higher order functions and memoization.

JavaScript Software Engineer

Jun 2018 - Aug 2018
Kurtosys Systems

While in the product team working on Kurtosys's core product, the Kurtosys App, I was involved with the full stack and wrote JavaScript and TypeScript. The stack includes backend Node.js services and APIs, MemSQL clustered databases and a Webpack React and Mobx client. A lot of the codebase was covered by unit, functional UI or integration tests.

Solutions Architect

Aug 2017 - June 2018
Kurtosys Systems

During my time in the Implementations team I got to work a lot with React and Node.js. I regularly built, fixed or extended connected React components using Redux or Mobx for state management and built an automated ETL data loader for Triodos Bank. I also interacted a lot with the Kurtosys App RESTful JSON API.

Front-End developer

May 2016 - Aug 2017
Global Logistics Internet

I helped maintain a Python-Django lottery site, luckylottos.com, for awhile before focusing on front-end work. I built a jQuery lottery app, a backoffice AngularJS app and finally a more high-end lottery app using AngularJS and websockets which had a Java backend.

Prior experience included on LinkedIn.


Core technologies:

JavaScript ES6, ES.Next
React, AngularJS
Redux, Mobx
Asynchronous Programming
Node.js APIs and services